VR & Gaming

Year 1 to Year 7

Leeds Camps is delighted to welcome back our hugely popular Virtual Reality and Gaming Camp!

After huge demand, this exciting, adrenaline-pumping workshop returns with all the latest gaming must-haves.

From Virtual Reality stations to FIFA tournaments, Rocket League and even retro consoles, prepare for the ultimate day of gaming!

Children will work their way round the room throughout the day to experience every station on offer – including ‘off-screen’ rest stations an even retro gaming!

Ideal for all gamers out there, give your child the chance to experience the ultimate day of gaming with Leeds Camps!

What you will achieve:

– Games on multiple platforms   – Focus and fun in group games    – Understanding of old and new consoles    – New friendships    – Leaderboards


Example Timetable

Every session at Leeds Camps differs to the last, with each workshop tailored to the children’s ability and interest on the day. Please find below an example timetable of what children may experience at VR & Gaming camp:

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