Health and Safety this October Holiday

After a Summer of fun, we can’t wait to welcome you back to camp this October with tonnes of amazing activities in store for your children! Of course, health and safety of campers and staff is paramount and that is why we have enforced a number of new procedures to ensure the protection of everyone at camp!

You can read more about the individual camp procedures introduced further down this page!

When arriving at camp

– 1 way system to sign in

– No touching of registers or signing kids in/out on the paper (coaches will do this)

– Loyalty cards temporarily suspended for this October

– Hand Sanitizers on site for all children

– No sharing of equipment where possible

– Toilet trips will be taken in seperate bubbles to avoid contact with other camps

– No merging of camps whatsoever

– Staggered lunches and breaks to avoid contact with other camps

– Children to remain in their bubble throughout the day

– Staff to remain in their bubble with same children throughout the day

Don’t burst our bubble
When dropping off and collecting we ask that you wait behind the signs and keep a 2-metre distance from the family in front of you

Social distancing
We will not be expecting the children to practice social distancing at our camps. We will of course be ensuring that children play safely together, we will be washing hands more regularly and equipment will be cleaned and wiped down frequently throughout the day – more of what can be expected at each camp can be seen below.
If a child hurts themselves or needs some reassurance our staff will be on hand as always to provide this. We want our children to feel safe and secure and not alienated or uncomfortable.
Our staff will, where possible, be practicing social distancing in the setting. The bubbles we will create will help keep them with a group of children. We have put arrangements in place to ensure they have adequate space for their breaks.

If you have any concerns about the arrangements we have in place please do not hesitate to raise this with the a member of the Leeds Camps staff before or after the day.