Year 2 to Year 7

Design, build, play and even take home your very own computer game in this fully immersive workshop experience.

Become the coding master and decide whether survival or adventure will be at the centre of your game or even multi-player action!

Operated over a cross-platform of XBOX and PCs, forget FIFA or Fortnite,  this unique camp gives children the chance to create their own game to take home to play against friends and family.

Games are compatible on both PCs and Xbox consoles with QWERTY keyboards or Xbox controllers.

What you will achieve:

– Introduction to game coding    – Finished game to take home     – Make new friends    – Cross-platform game development skills


Example Timetable

Every session at Leeds Camps differs to the last, with each workshop tailored to the children’s ability and interest on the day. Please find below an example timetable of what children may experience at Game Design camp:

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