Year 2 to Year 7

 Give me a C, give me a H, give me an E-E-R-L-E-A-D-I-N-G, what does it spell…CHEERLEADING!

For the very first time this autumn, Cheerleading Camp gives young dances, tumblers and acrobats of all abilities the most energetic day around! Children will learn moves from our very own leading cheerleaders – including team flips, throws and the classic pyramid formation – with teamwork at the top of the agenda!

An amazingly fun camp for gymnasts, dancers and anyone who has energy to burn, get the pom poms ready, Leeds Camps cheerleaders are here!

What you will achieve:

– Cheerleading routines and formations    – Flips and tumbles    – Organisation and teamwork skills    – Pom pom perfection


Example Timetable

Every session at Leeds Camps differs to the last, with each workshop tailored to the children’s ability and interest on the day. Please find below an example timetable of what children may experience at Cheerleading camp:

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