Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!

Year 1 to Year 7

The world famous Willy Wonka is opening his first ever Leeds Camps chocolate factory this Easter and we are recruiting some Oompa Loompas to come along to the sweetest camp around!

A magical day, this Roald Dahl-inspired adventure offers up a host of delights, from designing and making their very own Wonka bars, taste testing a host of unusual chocolate flavours, and even taking on the new Augustus Gloop challenge.

Whether it’s a Whipple-Scrumptious Fudge-Mallow Delight or the renowned Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar, let their imagination run wild at a camp every chocoholic will love! Your golden ticket is just a step away!

What you will achieve:

– Creation of your own personalised chocolate bar    – Understanding of different chocolate flavours from around the world    – Teamwork skills   – Creativity

Example Timetable

Every session at Leeds Camps differs to the last, with each workshop tailored to the children’s ability and interest on the day. Please find below an example timetable of what children may experience at Charlie and The Chocolate Factory camp:

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