CAMP 9 ¾

Year 1 to Year 7

The Hogwarts Express has arrived at Leeds Camps this Autumn and it’s time to see whether it will be Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw who will be lifting the House Cup!

With Quidditch matches, spells classes and custom wand crafting to enjoy, as well as finding out what makes troll snot so sticky, Camp 9 ¾ promises to provide all the wizardry magic you could ever want!

It’s time to grab your Nimbus 2000 and fly on down to Leeds Camps this Autumn!

What you will achieve:

– Hogwarts acceptance letter   – Team building skills   – Active and classroom based play


Example Timetable

Every session at Leeds Camps differs to the last, with each workshop tailored to the children’s ability and interest on the day. Please find below an example timetable of what children may experience at Camp 9 ¾:

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